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Executive Hotel: Between Luxury and Nature

In few places of the world there is such a perfect fusion between unspoiled Nature and sophistry like in Cuyo. In opposition to southern Argentina, where an tasteful mountainous fashion prevails, the Western Central area of The Country area shamelessly applies the most modern technology to take complete advantage of the wonders of the Andean landscape. Major hotels, like the Executive Hotel, are the most powerful proof of such modern tendencies.

The Executive Hotel is among the most lovely and tasteful ones in the city of Mendoza. This hotel has produced a full line of functions tending to permit invitees to taste Argentine cuisine and wines in the optimum conditions. lugares turisticos de chaco wikipedia  For This, the hotel has produced the Wine Floors, which consist of an entire level devoted to the wine theme, where invitees can savour the most stunning Mendoza wines. The ideal accompaniment is Las Bodegas Restaurant. The executive chef has developed a carte that brings the most selective of Argentine cuisine, with a touch of Mediterranean culinary art, in different words, the ideal place for lovers of bon vivant pleasances.

Had one too many? Dont worry, the Executive Hotel Spa is among the most advanced and luxurious of Argentina, with a fitness center outfitted with the most modern technology and loosening treatments in an environment that look directly at the grandness of the Andean Chain Of Mountains. Care to go for a swim? Give it a taste to the swimming bath and sunroom on 17th level. As Well, it is possible to unwind in the sauna, fight stress and restore the skin.

The selective localization of this hotel turns it into the perfect choice for those who visit the city of Mendoza for the 1st time. It is near to the most important touristic attractions of the city: the Foundational Area, the shopping vicinity and the San Mart­n Park, where tourists can find the Municipal Zoological Garden, the soccer stadium and the Cerro de la Gloria, where the Memorial to the Andean Army stands.

At dark, it is possible to stroll along the exquisite Mendoza streets, and to drop by in any of the numerous coffee houses of Downtown for a nightcap or a cup of coffee. Guests of the Executive Hotel will be able to reserve outings and shows reserves, so as not to omit anything of the many attractions that this province has to extend. During March it is possible to see to the most important local festival: the Harvest Festival, which year after year congregates thousands of spectators from all over the country.

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